Friday, 13 January 2017

Happy New Year and my haul so far...

Happy new year everyone!

Upon returning from my holiday, I saw a listing on Trademe for 33 game pcbs at $1 reserve. Given the local pick up criteria and also the untested status of the board, I figured it would be a good opportunity to take a punt on what I thought it was all worth. 

Board on carpet...say no more. I placed an autobid on the last minute of the auction and it went for half my expected amount. Suffice to say I am sure NZ is not really a good country to sell arcade boards.

The seller was able to identify these games from the batch:

"Record Breaker
Teenage Ninjya Turtles
Devil world
Hyper Olympics x2
Calibre 50
Side Arms
Dragon Ninjya
Rally Bike
Mr Heli
Shoot Out
Beast buster
Twin Cobra
Sky soldiers
Pit Fighter
Ghost & Gobrins
Dragon Buster
Tumble Pot
Karate tournament 
WS Superstars
Double Dragon 2
Section Z
3x unknown"

I was more intrigued by the unknowns:

 The first board seems like Super Pang..

The second one has "Gigas" written on the board which corresponds to a SEGA arkanoid clone.

The third game has "Kung Fu" written on it but one of my forum members debunked the probability of Kung  Fu Master being the game.

The last unknown is Vapour Trail by Data East. There are two broken boards on Trademe for $10 each should I need parts to get this game going again.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Gradius II: GOFERの野望 & In The Hunt completed repair.

Thanks to Mon Ami, I have now got a great Konami game to my collection and also restored my Irem classic.

Gradius II is a conversion from Hard Puncher, one of only 2 boxing games I have in my collection and unfortunately I am a lover not a fighter.On paper, the Konami Twin 16 hardware is a monster...two 68000 processors and multiple sound controller chips and in some ways, I am impressed with the result.

Here you can see how much arcade board estate has been reduced from the conversion. Mon Ami has really outdone himself this time. I was giggling like a little girl when I opened it up and saw the result.

The backside of the board is equally impressive.

I always felt Konami arcade game colour palate are rather flat, but this game ups the colour use quite a bit. Also the title screen is pretty epic.

Apart from Asteroid, I think Gradius II pays homage to rock (ahem, space ice...) blasting as a source of tension and demonstrating the fact you need firepower to get anywhere in this game. Sorry folks, no Konami code available here.

Here I am playing my second ever credit on this game. While I was playing I noticed the announcer absent from the game so I have since sent the board back to check on a controller chip in the sound section of the board. And until that time, I shall wait another day to "Shoot the core!".

The second game I got back was my fixed In the Hunt from Irem. It was in a pretty bad condition when I first received it, dressed in cobwebs and possible humid storage conditions. I was surprised it even powered up and play. Alas, the sprites were faulty having at least 1 bad layer of scrolling tiles that is present on the title screen, intermission  screens and also explosion animation. It was a nightmare to fix as it seems the problem all lies on the CPU section of the board.

As luck with have it, a faulty Major Title 2 board has been on sale in the local auctions for the price of a meal for 2 in KFC. I bought it for Mon Ami without hesitation as I was feeling like a lucky punk that day.

The gamble paid off and now I have a working In the Hunt board. Thank god M92 CPU and ROM boards are interchangeable, I salute you IREM engineers!

Let's go hunting! In a great twist of irony, it is the enemies that is hunting the player.

Not since Metal Slug that so much emphasis is placed on the animation of firepower.

To be honest, I really suck in this game. I need a bit more time getting use to the pace as the screen only scrolls as fast as the player.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Call me...Murphy

There is no denying, Data East was a license arcade game king of the hills back in the days. One such landmark game was Robocop.

Ever since the game graced the arcade scene, it was an opportunity for gamers and fans of the movie to relive the action and drama of the movie. Right from the get go you know you are going to blast some creeps with your gu- Fist?!? FIST?!!!

After light negotiations, the seller parted this game out of his auction for $50NZD delivered. Suffice to say I am a happy man.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Gameroom post earthquake

After the recent quake

New Zealand quake of 14/11/2016

We all should remember to be prepared.

And as for the game room..

sold as a rock, but I should really tidy it up.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Thanks to Mon Ami, I have 8 new additions~

Thanks to my French connection, he has revived a couple of games I got in a bulk buy (seriously folks, do not do this if you have a weak heart...)and the parcel arrived mid week which is a great hump day pick-me-up.

I missed the title screen but it was Twin Hawk. It is my 3rd copy in the collection. A wonderful game which I have fond memories of. The game was displaying everything in washed out or wrong colour. The resistor array was stuffed on it so he fixed it and I can not be happier.

Gunbird was suffering from a similar problem and I think the fix was similar too. Love the flow of this game.

I have attempted to reflow the custom chips, but unfortunately, it required something beefier in terms of heat. So he used his SMD kit to reflow and now it is mint. All SMD soldering bases belongs to the kit!!

Now, this game was a bit of a dark horse. I got it for the price of a family happy meal from McD. It was a mess before, wont boot even. Now, it is glorious. I will upload a smidgen of the music from it later on, it is something really special.

Fire Shark had a RAM error screen before and it would not get past that screen. He had to spend a lot of time trouble shooting this but eventually replaced a couple of components and reflowing some components made it run perfectly again. Again, the music, it is simply pumping in this game.

The grand daddy of Toaplans' by-plane series! Flying Shark had a couple of issues, having some work ram decapitated was one of the issues..but the fixed board is rather picky as it would only work on the cabinet with the punier power supply. As of expected of a grand daddy board.

This was one of the game I was looking forward to. Having seen ports of it on the Megadrive and PC-Engine I had see the original game. Again, a happy meal game, it was having several scrolling sprites issues. More dead or dying ram to the rescue.

Finally, Final Fight (japanese revision). I needed him to check my work on the connector to make sure all the connection are kosher and also to maybe trouble shoot the motherboard. Once I realised the Z80 might be playing up, I ask him to leave it as it is. There is a trick to get it working which I covered before, but in this instance, a simple reseat and power cycle brought it to life in full glory.


Halloween is not an event I celebrate, but when you have Splatterhouse you are deemed obligated to play the game on that day.

This is the bit that I am stuck on as my health is usually drained to nothing thanks to the man in the mirror.

Its rumble time!!!

Guh! Shout out to Go Nagai, your influence in the floating heads are truly horrible.